Frequently Asked Questions?

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Our office hours are: 
                                 Monday - Friday from 8am - 4pm

Do you have to be a Piikani Nation Band Member? 
                                 Yes, you must be a Piikani Nation Band Member

Does every new request require an application? 
                                 Yes every request requires an application form, as well as Supporting Document or registration                                         form. 

When does the PYEF Board meet? 
                                 The PYEF board meets every third Monday of the month

What types of activities does PYEF fund? 
                                 PYEF contributes towards school fees, tutoring, school trips, recreation and athletics, Piikani                                             Language and Culture, Literature & Fine Arts, Leadership & Entreprenueiral, Social & Personal                                         Development & Graduation Grants for Piikani Nation members.

Do you pay school fees?  
                                 No as of March 2018, PYEF No Longer Pays for School Fees, and or Trips

Does PYEF pay for school graduate fees? 
                                 No the foundation does not pay for graduation fees, but we do offer a one time graduation                                                 grant in the amount of $300.00.  

Does PYEF pay for equipment?
                                 No PYEF does not pay for equipment.

What type of Support does PYEF offer  and the monetary amount? 
                                 PYEF offers support to Piikani Nation Members Pursuing personal activities up to $400.00 in
                                areas of Recreation, Social, Cultural And Educational . (21 Years and Under).