The fall of 2010, PYEF initiated a Needs Assessment process that included a survey and focus groups. The purpose of the study was to assess and identify the basic recreation needs of the Piikani Community. Respondents were asked to estimate if and how their recreation and leisure needs are currently being met within the community and provide comments reflecting improvements.
In 2011 Piikani Youth & Education Board and MNP agreed to conduct further community consultations within the Nation, and an assessment of what amenities exist currently in the community to complete a Business Plan. This would serve as Phase 1 in a larger effort to design and construct the multi-use facility for the Nation. The PYEF Board used its own staff to conduct stakeholder engagements with community members over the 2011 calendar year. 
Winter of 2012 the PYEF Board & MNP completed a business plan for the proposed recreational facility, based on the needs assessment report and other work done to date. April 2012 the final Recreational Facility business plan was presented and submitted to the Piikani Nation’s Chief & Council for review. The Business plan is now ready for Phase Two to begin the process of planning the construction of the facility.

Funds required carry out this process need to be identified. The PYEF Board and staff have spent tremendous time and financial resources in completing the preliminary work in the completion of the Preliminary Business Plan for a Piikani Multi-Use Recreation Facility. The PYEF board hopes that the effort put forth will assist in making the Recreation Facility a reality for Piikani Nation.  

PYEF could not proceed with the project due to lack of funds associated with the project. When the mandate from Chief & council directed PYEF to manage the project of planning and developing a Recreational Facility, there were never any funds identified to carry out the project. Ultimately, PYEF conducted Phase #1 of the project which included community consultation through the process of Recreation Needs Assessment Survey, Focus Groups and a Preliminary Business Plan at the expense of PYEF.