Scholarships & Awards

All Scholarship & Awards are subject to availibility of funds

**All Awards & Scholarships are selected by Awards & Scholarships subcommittee**
The Piikani Youth & Education Foundation is proud to honor the diverse achievements of the nations members through an annual awards celebration held in the fall/winter.  Here are the categories PYEF offers recognition through scholarships and awards; Piikani Nation membership may submit upto 3 applications. 

One scholarship ranging from $500.00 - $2000.00 is awarded in each of the following levels of continuing education to the applicant with the highest Grade Point Average;
  • College & University Preporatory Upgrading  
  • One-Year College Certificate 
  • Trades & Technical
  • College Diploma
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Post Graduate/Professional

Applicants from Grades 1—12 are recognized for high academic achievement in their core subjects for the entire academic year.

Applicants from 6 years of age to the collegiate level are eligible to receive and award for being recognized in their respective sport for athletic excellence.

Applicants of all ages are eligible for an award for their work in promoting Piikani language, history, culture & arts.

Social & Arts
Awards are available in various age categories for achievement in contemporary arts.

Citizenship & Leadership
Piikani Nation members are recognized for their contribution and service in the school setting, the local community and the communities they serve.

Special Recognition
The Special Recognition category is for individuals and groups who are recognized for achievements that may not fit into exsisting categories.
High School Graduate Incentive  
Piikani Nation members accepted into a program of study (excluding preparatory upgrading) at an accredited post secondary institution immediately after high school graduation qualify for a $250.00 incentive.