Group & Community Grants

GRANTS UP TO $2000.00

Event Contribution

PYEF supports Piikani Nation groups & community organizations hosting an event or project that directly relates to; Education, Recreation & Athletics, Leadership & Entrepreneurial Development and Social Development

Graduation Celebrations

PYEF contributes toward graduation celebrations held on reserve for Piikani Nation members completing an education or training program.



PYEF may assist Piikani Nation Groups or Organizations that provide programs that promote educational development

Recreation & Athletic Grants

PYEF may assist Piikani Nation recreation groups and sports initiatives intended for Piikani youth up to 21 years of age with registration fees, equipment and skills development.

Cultural & Fine Arts Grants

PYEF may contribute toward programs administered by Piikani Nation groups or organizations that encourage the renewal and retention of the Blackfoot culture and traditional and contemporary arts as a source of personal enrichment in Piikani members.

Leadership & Social Grants

PYEF may assist Piikani Nation groups or organizations that provide programs which develop leadership and skills in Piikani Nation members social development

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